Friday, 9 March 2012

Scandinavian style - chairs

You can't go wrong with white, black or light wood. But the introduction of colour is acceptable and even desirable, depending on the rest of the room. Pastels, or a pop of neons, for example, are making a big appearance this year. If you are feeling creative don't be afraid of mixing styles or colours (mixing both is more risky but if you feel brave go for it). From the expensive classics of design, to the bargains you can find on Ikea, I'll try to give you a quick sample of the image you are looking for.

From this danish designer, a classic of the 50´s. His serie 7 is, probably, one of the most recognized chairs in the world of design.

serie 7 via Fritz Hansen
serie7,  ant and grand prix, via Fritz Hansen

Frim this Swiss based designer, Jill was developed in 2011 for Vitra and will be available soon.

via Vitra

As already mentioned in this blog, I love the DSW and RAR. It's not scandinavian design but it fits perfectly in the atmosphere we want. You just have to apend a few minutes browsing through the interior design magazines, here in Denmark,to see them popping like mushrooms. If I can afford only one designer chair this will probably be the one. 

via Vitra

From this finish architect and designer, the chair 66 from 1935. Another classic that will never fail you.

via Skeppsholmen

via Artek

From HAY
HAY is a Danish furniture online shop that gets inspiration from the 50's and 60's, but with a very contemporary approach. And combines good design with more affordable prices. About a chair (swivel or wood base) and J107 are my favourites.

via HAY
via HAY

And the good, old, Ikea solution that can always do the trick. From the series: Sigurd, Nordmyra and Bernhard.

via IKEA

And for a gorgeous, fun and cosy effect...

photo by Jason Lee, via Graphic Exchange
via FRYDdesign
via FRYDdesign
via Fridasfina


  1. Wow... Im so impressed! your blog is beautiful! I have just spent a good half hour going though it and will finish the rest tonight. We have very similar tastes :)
    Keep up the amazing posts.. I have added you as a favourite... looking forward to the next post.

  2. Thank you so much for the kind comment. Especially since I'm very new in this "blogging" world and I'm also a big fan of your blog :)


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