Saturday, 25 February 2012

Saturday's Pancakes

This month we started a delicious new tradition here at home. Saturday is "pancake day". The designated cook is actually the man of the house, but I'm the one that elevates eating a pancake to a form of art. For today´s pancakes we went to the supermarket and got fresh strawberries (it´s no quite their season but I don´t care), heavy cream and maple syrup. It was the first time I tried maple syrup and I´m impressed. The thing tastes like trees! or flowers! ... in any case I´m a fan now. And with a leaf of lemon balm it´s really refreshing.

250g flour
4 eggs
1 tea spoon of sugar
1/5 tea spoon of salt
3 dl milk

Throw everything into a bowl and mix. Rests in the fridge for 30 min. 

all photos by me

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