Sunday, 12 February 2012


I know I am too old for these things, but I´d never had snow right outside my door until last February, and at that time I was a bit "afraid" of all this cold, white stuff. So today, a typical lazy Sunday with nothing urgent to do, I decided to give it a try and build my first snowman. I had no clue on how to even start but my boyfriend agreed to endure the cold and take pictures while yelling me instructions on how to make a simple snow ball. Truth be told, after rolling and rolling, and rolling a bit more, I got so warm that the negative temperatures didn´t affect me any more. As it was my first project of a snow man I kept it simple and small... but isn´t it cute?! I call him peanut: small, roundish and cute.

I´ve been playing around with Olioboard lately, which is an easy on line tool to create moodboards, and decided to create my "Making a Snowman" moodboard. 

Snow (can´t skip this step),
Nothing to do,
Warm boots, warm gloves and a warm jacket,
Warm coffee waiting inside

Equip warm clothes, go outside and build your snowman, take pictures, run inside and drink your coffee while looking at the snowman through the window and declare that it is the cutest you´ve ever seen.

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