Thursday, 16 February 2012

My "Instas"

I´ve been seeing many posts and a lot of fuss about this INSTAGRAM thing lately. I went and did some research about it and decided to share it here. So, according to Wikipedia, it is an Apple application that, in a very easy and very simple way, allows you to apply filters to your photos, making them look all retro and vintage (quite In at the moment), and then share them in several social networks. But apparently it has become a phenomenon. Like the Polaroid or the Lomo combined with Twitter or Facebook. 

If you feel curious about it and you have an Iphone you can check out this blog with really good tips about how to create your Instagrams. If, like me, the only thing you ever asked from your phone was to make and receive calls and text messages, then you can go the hard way and still get nice results... only with a lot bit more work involved. In any case you can make really, really bad pictures look pretty awesome. And THAT is what got me really interested in this, hmm, trend. 

Let's face it, it's not always handy to carry my camera with me unless I´m going out on purpose on a "photographic expedition". And sometimes if I want to take a picture I want to take it right then. So I had been trying to take pictures with my poor excuse of a phone, cause that one is always with me no matter what. And, of course, the pictures were always very bad. But look at the example below: a crappy picture, cropped into a square (it seems that the magic only works if it is a square), an aging filter, and a black-burnished border.

The following pictures weren´t all taken with my phone, but I had lots of fun watching these results appear. To do this I used Photobucket and you can see some of my other "Instas" there. It may not be as quick to use as an app in your phone, but it´s not difficult at all, it just takes a bit more time. And if you like the results it´s well worth it.

Little squares of photographic deliciousness when they come all together like this.
all photos by me

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