Thursday, 10 November 2011


So... 3 days ago I had my first disastrous experience with mayonnaise. I have heard about it failing before, but it was the first time it happened to me. 4 times I tried, 4 times it failed and then I run out of oil and couldn´t try it any more. I ended up using the sad, sad, almost liquid, result of my last attempt but the fact is that I haven´t gotten over it yet. 

Home-made mayonnaise has always fascinated me because of the "religiousness" involved in making it. I mean, anyone that has ever tried to make it must have, at some point, be convinced that it is only by a matter of faith that oil and eggs get transformed into a creamy mayonnaise. The transformation is so amazing that I just can´t get tired of looking at it and it surprises me every time. But this last time I was annoyed before I went to the kitchen (can´t even remember about what). And started making my mayonnaise without the proper attitude of awe and wonder that it deserves. And the result was indeed an utter failure.

In any case mayonnaise is definitely one of the most important basics of cooking so eventually it would find its place in this blog. I just didn´t think it would be for having failed miserably. 

cooking oil (vegetable) 
egg yolks  (1 yolk per cup of oil)
White Vinegar or lemon juice (1 tablespoon per cup of oil)

Put the ingredients in a high plastic cup (like in the picture) and place the electric mixer touching the bottom. Turn it on at a medium speed and don´t move the mixer. When the mayonnaise gets the right consistency on the bottom, start moving the mixer up very, very, slowly until everything is mixed and creamy.

And that´s it. That´s all it takes to make mayonnaise (and the faith, don´t forget the faith). Of course what you get with that is just a flavourless thing. So after, and only after, the "miracle" happens, you should season it with salt, pepper and a few more drops of lemon juice. For some extra warmth you can add a bit of mustard. I like to add chives and garlic too. But mayonnaise is just a starting point for many sauces and you just have to use your imagination and start trying other ingredients. Pieces of fruit, for example, just passion fruit and a bit of cream, or mango, bananas and dried figs, can complement the mayonnaise nicely to serve as a fondue sauce. Be creative and bon appetite...


  1. Não tens de pôr o ovo inteiro?

    1. Não necessáriamente. Algumas receitas usam o ovo inteiro, mas a maioria aconselha a só usar as gemas.

      Some recipes use the entire egg but most of the ones I found advice to only use the yolks.


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